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All the building blocks to customizing your own recipes with over 100 different ingredients. 

Let’s get real for a second, friend


Do you find yourself constantly looking up how to substitute a certain ingredient in a recipe without ruining it?

Have you ever felt like you just wasted a ton of your time and money spent on ingredients, just for a recipe to not turn out?

Do you feel discouraged when trying a new recipe and it's a total flop but you have no idea why. 



Which is why I spent years experimenting, tweaking and testing over 100 ingredients with my recipes just to see how they perform. 

I wrote down everything I learned and now I’m sharing my encyclopedia of ingredients with details outlining how to bake with over 100 different ingredients.


Now Imagine if you could

Identify exactly what goes wrong in your recipes and substitute ingredients knowing what to expect. 

You'd waste less money on groceries and less time on recipe testing!

To my bakers

You are creative.

You are unique
& your baking doesn't have to follow conventional rules.
You can—and will—be a great baker with a successful business.

It starts with the right understanding.

This isn’t just about baking some cookies or a birthday cake. This is about allowing yourself to express your creativity with food. 

In this guide, I’ll teach you the rules and you can decide how to follow them so you can learn how to bake for YOU.

We don't want just another chocolate chip cookie recipe, we want to see your unique and creative perspective on a chocolate chip cookie.




My comprehensive e-book outlining the building blocks of baking with over 100 different ingredients so you can customize your own recipes with minimal trial and error.

Understanding your ingredients will give you freedom in the kitchen, confidence to turn each recipe into your own & knowing how to troubleshoot fails in the kitchen.


Let’s take a look at what’s inside




Specific details about ingredients

to give a better understanding of

how they work.



How they behave and what role

each ingredient plays in baking.



How to PROPERLY measure


*I recommend measuring all solid

ingredients larger than a Tablespoon

by weight using a digital scale



How to best substitute

ingredients for one another.



How their temperatures affect

the baking process (a few).



How to store the ingredients

for optimal freshness.

Bake without rules

Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success.
— Martha Stewart.

Everything you 

need to know to be a confident & creative baker.

You’ll learn…


The properties of over 100 baking ingredients & how they perform.


How to tweak recipes without a noticeable difference.


How to customize recipes and make them your own.


To almost completely eliminate the “error” from recipe testing. 


To be a confident baker free of conventional rules.


To be an independent baker free from following recipes. 

Ok, so how do i get it?

The kind of knowledge contained in this guide can be found free online if you're willing to spend THOUSANDS of hours researching just to find controversial answers. So for the price of a Starbucks nowadays, I'm offering you The Ingredient Guide AND my Culinary Ratios for Baking. 


Reg. $79

Limited time only free bonus

Culinary Ratios 

for baking


Wait, there’s more? That’s right friend

In addition to the 100 ingredient encyclopedia of all the baking ingredients I've tested over the years, I'm giving you my adjustable Culinary Ratios spreadsheet for just $7. 

This is more than just the standard ratios that you can find online. It's an excel spreadsheet that allows you to alter the serving size you want so you can adjust your recipes to produce any amount desired.

There's a ton of instructions on how to use the document and I my recommended notes on how I bake specific treats using the culinary ratios. This took is especially helpful for recipe developers or anyone who just wants to make their own recipes. 

*culinary ratios only work when ingredients are measured by weight. 

A $19 value—yours today FREE when you purchase The Ingredient Guide.

MEET THE baker - bernice baran

There’s no greater feeling of baking defeat than working tirelessly on a recipe that will end up in the trash. No one knows this feeling more than me.

Five years ago I started baking as a hobby on my days off work as a nurse. I followed recipes at first…but I'm not good at being put in a box. I like to do my own and when I started to tweak things it was quite defeating when they'd end up in the trash. 

I spent years trying out new recipes and repeatedly testing my own recipes before I shared them on my blog. I felt like there was so much wast involved with recipe development.

So I decided to be more efficient with my time and money. I studied and studied and did so much research on all the different ingredients Then I tested these theories on my own recipes and wrote down everything I learned.

Now when I develop recipes for my blog, it's a success on the first attempt about 90% of the time. And if it's not, I know exactly how to fix it by the second attempt. I want that for you too. In the long run, it'll save you money, time and mental energy. 


It’s time to up your baking game.